Well it finally happened

No idea why, what post(s), etc.
I have a strnog suspicion its for things posted outside the Xojo forums.
But since the notice is fairly anonymous (the sender is “Xojo Forum”) and, in total, says

You have been suspended from the forum until September 4, 3020, 1:00pm.
Multiple violations of 5 forum rules
3rd official rule violation
User has violated numerous community guidelines, including:
-Avoid ad hominem attacks
-Avoid responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
-Be civil and respect each other
-Don’t post no-content replies
-Discussion of or links to blogs or websites that share privileged or internal Xojo company information is not permitted

I really dont know.

That said I guess I’ll be on discord https://discord.gg/dGSaDk
And on IfNotNil
You might ask a question on Xojo’s forum and find an answer there

So long and thanks for all the fish seems appropriate

Perhaps Queens “Another one bites the dust”

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  1. Well, let‘s see when (not if) I join you … 🙄

    Btw “Be civil and respect each other”? I don‘t think I have EVER felt as disrespected by a company as with Xojo … an absolute joke in the Trumpian mold … 🤦‍♂️

    … and at least I have the curtesy to put my name to what I say.

    1. And the thread about “where is Norman” didn’t even last a day. I thought they would lock it, but it was even more pervasive, they erased it altogether. That company has hit rock bottom in terms of respect, decency, and credibility. Such a shame, must suck to work there anymore … lying all the time and having to be on the defensive.

      1. In a way I wish I’d even seen it 😛
        But I was busy working and had no idea it existed until someone asked off list whether anyone had taken screen shots of it

  2. The Xojo team must be very desperate to make such stupid decisions like these. Anyway, I send an email to Xojo to remove all my posts and references from the forum.

    Anyway, since almost a year I switched to Python, a decision I didn’t regret. It surprises me that so many people can be so loyal to Xojo despite of the continues beta state and so many bugs left unsolved in the product.

    I am afraid Xojo team is delving their own grave.

    Thank you Norman for all the support and your interesting contributions to the Xojo forum. I am sure the bad decision made by Xojo will be reflected in their forum.

    With respect.


  3. They are only giving themselves a black eye with long term users… and it’s USUALLY a lot easier to keep users than get new ones…

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