Lots of Xojo projects ? You probably want this

Anyone who has been using Xojo for many releases probably has seen the dreaded “older version” dialog

It was a user request many many many years ago.

And now, at least with web projects, theres a different warning when you open a Web 1 project in a version that no longer supports Web 1 apps.

Well if you have even encoutered these issues and want to know whats the version I shoulduse to open this project you want the macOS QuickLook plugin from Monkeybread

Now lets be clear – MBS has two items named VERY similarly.
There is one that is a plugin FOR macOS.
And one you can use IN Xojo programs to acces QuickLook functions.

We want the first one. The QuickLook plugin for macOS.

Installation is dead simple.

Download the dmg. Open It.

In Finder Go To ~/Library/QuickLook (shift-cmd-G)

If it says “That folder can’t be found” then Go To “~/Library” and create it (the name is case sensitive) Now go to that folder.

And , from the mounted dmg, drag the MBS Xojo QuickLook Plugin.qlgenerator plugin to ~/Library/QuickLook.

Log out and log back in

I tend to use column mode so when I click on a project file I now see

If I right click I can select a specific version of Xojo to open the project with. Or I can use the Get Info window to specify which one should open this project from now on.

If you use other view styles in macOS CMD-Y will sho you the quicklook info for the file.

And you can start to banish those dialogs from you day to day work flows.