If you have money to throw around

Over the years I’ve seen lots of people say they buy a license whether they intend to actually use it or not JUST to support Xojo.

If thats you I’d sure willingly accept what ever extra cash you have to put to things you wont use and I’m sure I can write you some in short order.

Of course I’m being facetious.

Seriously though do you send money to MS for licenses you don’t use ? Apple ? Do you send Ford money “just to support their efforts” ?

Sure those are all giant corporations that probably wouldn’t notice if you did or didn’t.

So how about your local grocer ? A small store you stop in during your day ? The trendy coffee shop ? Do you just stop in there and hand them 20 bucks “just because” ?

If not then WHY would you with ANY vendor ?

If that vendor makes a product you depend on, and they go out of business it is painful (been there done that at least once) But your single license purchase also isn’t likely going to sustain time for very long either.

Either they make a product you, and many others can depend on for a long time. Or not.

In the mean time if you have that extra few hundred $ to toss around I can think of lots of charities that could use it.

Xojo Inc. ISN’T a charity. Why treat them like one and just send money “just because”.