Numbers 2022

Since the last numbers post Xojo has moved a lot of cases to an”archived” status which I believe is a lot like “we’re not spending time on this unless you say its still relevant”. As well they removed several “open” statuses like Reviewed.

Direct comparisons to my last numbers post are more difficult with these changes. As well its hard to get a list of which Archived cases I have asked to be reopened as they are still happening and that I still experience.

archived 61
closed (already exists) 10
closed (by design) 49
closed (duplicate) 54
closed (misc) 36
closed (no longer reproducible) 5
closed (not actionable) 7
closed (not reproducible) 48
fixed 18
fixed & verified 118
implemented 3
implemented & verified 16
open 425
resolved 2

In total theres been a little movement in the intervening 5 months but not a lot