Adventures in C#

Yeah after all these years I’ve started writing some code in C#

Mostly as a way to work in something else
But also as a way to learn another language that I _might_ end up needing to use for client work. Thats a whole different story.

So I started just using a framework put together by Björn Eiríksson

Any first it was just learning how to write code, add event handlers, and generally just getting used to how this all worked, C# syntax (some very handy things there) and poking about.

For all this I’ve been using Visual Studio for macOS.
Not VSCode – which is a VERY different product – but MS Visual Studio Preview for macOS.

Its not as capable as VS for Windows – but its not bad and has evolved a lot since I first started poking around with it.

I’ll try & post my adventures with it here.
And probably also on INN