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As of Oct 18, 2021

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Overall 435 Open cases

Visitors from Germany

Recently I had both Christian Schmitz and one of my clients from Germany visit

Christian and I spent his first full day in Canada touring about to the Royal Tyrell Museum and some of the sights on thee way out. Weather was crappy so we didnt spend a lot of time outside.

At the end of the day we got together with several other Xojo users at a local restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal and discussions around all kinds of things.… Read the rest

Spectacular !

Last night the northern lights were out in full force.
Walked to the end of the deck and WOW !
We took some pictures but they didnt come out nearly as nicely as the ones my youngest took (like this)

Truly an awesome display

Copy & paste is not a code reuse strategy

Code reuse is an admirable goal for any developer.

Being able to re-use well written well tested code is a good thing.

Especially if you can reuse it across multiple facets of one project, or across several projects.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people start out reusing code using copy paste from one place to another.… Read the rest

All good things come to an end

Some time ago Bob had said he would let the domain registration for BKeeney Briefs lapse. Today it finally came home to roost.

Trying to visit gets you one of several things.

What I got was a domain name squatter site trying to sell me the name.

Sad to see that finally happen but with Bob’s employment changing from contractor to full time employee its not surprising.… Read the rest

Bit in the ass by API 2

Was tracking down a bug in my app and couldnt figure out what was wrong initially.

All the code seemed right but setting a value to code like

value = string.ToInteger

seemed to be the culprit. Sure enough the string contained a value like 3.0e+2 (an integer expressed in exponential form) But the docs say


Read the rest


If youre one of the people who didnt get the Xojo Experience survey there’s one thats a lot alike at INN

Filetype help

On the forums someone is looking for a way to identify what kind of file they are dealing with. And then a way to “sort” knowing those types.

The suggestion given is to look at each extension in a simple way

But, you can get away without ever having to look at the extension. Folderitem already assigns a TYPE IF there is a filetype defined that matches.… Read the rest

Help keep your code sanity

Ever think to yourself “Oh I have this project to do and I’ll just cut and paste the code from there and tweak it?” And now you have two copies that are a lot alike but maybe not exactly the same.

And then you do this over & over and now you have many copies of that code?… Read the rest