I’ll admit that I really haven’t seriously touched R3 since most of its focus was on iOS and dark mode which isn’t something that matters to me.

The times I did start it I found it to still be slow like R2.1 and otherwise not many significant differences in the things I was trying.

Autocomplete is still glaringly bright in dark mode on macOS. I’m now wishing there was a way to turn autocomplete off its so hard on my eyes being in bold and bright white. It’s definitely NOT the code editors text color or any user selected color.

And the new default color set is harsh as well. Again its incredibly bright and in dark mode its too darned bright for my liking. Makes me really glad I made it so users could configure their own themes way back when 😛

But you be the judge. In the following pictures R3 is first and R1 is next. Both are set to use default colors. (To be honest the images do NOT show how bright those colors are here on all 3 monitors)

R3 in default colors in dark mode are very bright
R1 default colors are subdued in dark mode

Beyond that I haven’t used R3 for anything. I’m still seeing too many odd bugs being reported to make me comfortable moving any client projects to it. So I’m still using 2019r1.1 – basically the last version I contributed to 🙂

In the mean time I have managed to assemble lists of differences for various project types. These are all the differences I can discern between 2019r3 and 2019r1.1

macOS Console 64 bit

macOS Web 64 bit

macOS Desktop 64 bit

iOS 64 bit

I’ll see about compiling lists of differences on Windows & Linux as well

Note that this is changes and may simply indicate that some reorganization has taken place. For instance the HTMLViewer appears to have had many events removed but it appears the code is simply reorganized so that event handlers, for instance, are not handled in a Xojo stub and re-raised but are raised directly by the HTML Viewer plugin.

EDIT – I can see that I’ll need to update how this data is presented to make situations like the event handling on the HTMLViewer more clear. It appears that the old HTMLViewer had event handlers and event definitions so the HTMLViewer would handle the event and re-raise it so you could handle the event. This appears to have been reconfigured in 2019r3 – so the event is no longer handled by the HTMLViewer and re-raised but just not handled at all so the base class event can still be handled. To the end developer this change is invisible but in the overall framework set up it is readily apparent which is why my 2019r3 differences list includes the removal of all these events.

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  1. Your detailed list of changes in r3 is impressive. Thank you for putting in that time.

    But I have to ask, regarding what you’re saying about how events have been reworked in the HTMLViewer control, because I’m still new to Xojo Desktop programming – is what you’re saying an improvement, like for performance or stability, or a set back?

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge here. Thanks.

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