Really ?

This is so annoying. I have no bluetooth mouse powered on but I do have a USB one and it works fine. And the mouse control panel says it cannot find it so I cannot change the tracking speed. System Report knows there’s a mouse connected as you can see.

Turn the bluetooth mouse on and the panel finds that and now I can adjust the tracking speed. But it doesn’t affect the USB mouse – which is still connected and working (the bluetooth mouse is literally upside down on my desk untouched)

No. I don’t want a wireless mouse as I’m tired of my Magic mouse and “LOST CONNECTION”. Apparently Apple insists I use a wireless mouse,

Awesome !

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  1. For years I had never saw the Lost Connection with my Magic Mouse. But since I’ve been using the 16″ MBP I get them much more. So frustrating.

  2. Hence why I switched back to a wired mouse
    If its not working the fix is dead easy
    Remove dog from laying on stupidly long USB cable and plug it back in πŸ™‚

    1. Imagine if THAT was the first recorded computer fault. Then we would now say β€œthere’s a dog in your code” πŸ˜‰

  3. We could have fun with that though.
    A little bug – “Hey I have a Chihuahua in my code”
    A middle sized bug “Heys whats this Shepherd doing in your code ?”
    A giant bug – “Wow. There’s a Saint Bernard in there!”


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