When Apple does its own thing

I started up Xojo 2019r3 the other day and changed some colors while tracking down a nifty dark mode bug (see http://feedback.xojo.com/case/58695)

And after that all versions of Xojo would, when starting, immediately show the color picker panel like this :

Now lets be clear – I dont consider this to be a Xojo bug.

It seems that, Apple writes their own keys to the Xojo plist and these may influence whether the color picker panel shows up when you start Xojo.

If you open the Xojo plist in a text editor you may find that you have a bunch of keys like  NSColorPanelMode, NSColorPanelMode.modal, NSColorPanelToolbarIsShown.modal, NSColorPanelVisibleSwatchRows.modal, NSSplitView Subview Frames, NSColorPanelSplitView, NSToolbar Configuration com.apple.NSColorPanel. NSWindow Frame NSColorPanel, and NSWindow Frame NSColorPanel.modal

Apple adds these to the plist on its own (personally I find this less than helpful but there’s really no arguing with Apple about this sort of thing)

What I dont know is if Xojo can/could make sure that the color panel preferences get writtem in a way the color picker does not open on next launch or not.

If they can it would sure be nice.

In the mean time I’ve simply stripped those keys out when/if they appear and things go back to normal.