Really ?

This is so annoying. I have no bluetooth mouse powered on but I do have a USB one and it works fine. And the mouse control panel says it cannot find it so I cannot change the tracking speed. System Report knows there’s a mouse connected as you can see.

Turn the bluetooth mouse on and the panel finds that and now I can adjust the tracking speed.… Read the rest

= vs IS

A good question on the discord server I participate in prompted a good question. It started with IS and = are just synonyms right?

It turns out that MOST times this may be true. But not always. And that little “but not always” can get you in trouble if you dont know when the difference is important.… Read the rest

WAY off topic but so what ????

It is my blog and this is something I’ve been working at for months.

I PASSED my on snow certifications for the Canadian Ski Patrol and now get to do a few shifts working with more senior patrollers before they turn me loose and I can patrol on my own !

What an awesome way to spend New Years Day !!!!!!… Read the rest

WeakRef usage

There was a good question from Markus in a recent comment on a different post of mine.

In children of a window we should keep track of the parent window by using WeakRef.
But what if I have a class cDepartment with a list of employees defined as Employees() as cEmployee – should that then better also be defined as WeakRef?

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2019, The Lost Year, in review

2019 has been an interesting year to say the least.

Mine started off with the septic system needing to be replaced in the first week of January as the old system had been installed in a manner that it was not repairable and it had failed. So in the cold of January our yard was torn up and excavation work went on.… Read the rest