Misunderstanding the issue

Last night I read a blog by someone who obviously misunderstands why it is INN and some inhabitants are disheartened by where Xojo is at this point.

There are some there who are definitely Xojo haters now. They didnt start out that way. Years of “it’s coming soon” have lead them to not believe those statements. “Show me” has become their mantra. It’s not real until it ships and everything before that should be ignored.

The IDEA of Xojo is truly wonderful – a tool that can tackle many targets & platforms with a consistent language and reasonably similar frameworks for each target. There are going to be differences and especially differences in behaviour – the web being what it is latency is an issue. Mobile/touch devices dont normally support the same kinds of UI operations as desktop does since there are no mouse or other desktop like input devices – usually. So there will be differences.

And many of those denizens on INN DO still continue to use Xojo. Not all. But many.

But INN’s purpose is to focus on cross platform development – so it has topics on different tools (B4J, Java, RemObject, Swift) that Xojo will not permit on their forums. And it does have uncensored commentary on Xojo itself. Again something that Xojo does not permit.

There ARE comparisons to other tools – primarily for those looking to expand their horizons in any direction (ie/ moving to Xojo from Java or moving to Java from Xojo) The languages are similar in so many respects that moving from one to the other is not difficult. And neither is likely a perfect replacement for the other in all cases.

Good cooks , like good carpenters, use many tools and dont try & use one tool for everything. It doesnt usually work if you try to make everything in the microwave. It doesnt all need the same power settings, the same cook time, nor does it all fit. The same is true for carpenters, Try to use a single tool for everything doesnt work well. Hammers make lousy saws, and saw make lousy hammers.

Being able to mix and match the right tool for the right job requires knowing how to use other tools. And, often, such comparisons or discussions about those other tools are not permitted on Xojo’s forums.

INN exists for all these reasons.

So yes you may get unbridled boosterism for some favourite tool – like Xojo or Java or RemObjects or Swift. But you can & will get other perspectives.

Me ?

I still say to people that I use Xojo and post code that uses it. I still like the IDEA of Xojo. And I’ve used it for so long I can bang out something pretty quickly. I do run into issues. I’ve filed some 600+ feature & bug reports and just keep on moving.

I just happen to dislike where Xojo is at today.
I’m allowed to have an opinion 🙂

4 Replies to “Misunderstanding the issue”

  1. Good post Norm. INN was needed as Xojo was overly moderating the Xojo Forums. Deleting posts, threads and banning people made the Xojo Forums a hostile place.

    I wish I knew how many posts Xojo deleted and how many people are banned compared to INN.

    I used Xojo since around 1998. Now I don’t. Why? Xojo is no longer able to ship production ready code. Xojo forced me to look elsewhere. So now I use PHP. Xojo really messed up with Web 1.0 and now 2.0.

  2. You know what they say about hammers; everything is a nail and https://youtu.be/UjyLsJ5QI9g
    In some cases Xojo can be like a mace (heavy blunt object), and some people wield it like if they were Vikings or something.

    Anyways, I found your hammer analogy spot on

  3. “In some cases Xojo can be like a mace (heavy blunt object), and some people wield it like if they were Vikings or something.”

    All I could picture was Geoff as Thor! 😉


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