Recently there was a blog post about Xojo looking at WinUI as the new foundation for Xojo.
Thats great – except (you knew that was coming didnt you?)
WinUI wont support anything older than Windows 10 at this time (specifically they note Win10, 1809+)
How Xojo handles this will be interesting to watch.

Will they simply abandon Win32 and any users on older versions ? I could see that happening as it would be similar to what happens with old versions of macOS. Then to support old Windows versions you have to use an old version of Xojo.

It may be irrelevant since Windows 7 support officially ended in 2020.

Hopefully MS can ship WinUI as planned and Xojo apps on Windows will get a whole new look and maybe even new controls

3 Replies to “WinUI”

  1. Well they’ll probably just cherry-pick the common denominator cross-platform widgets (buttons, checkboxes, etc.) and ignore all the interesting stuff. All my Xojo-based cross-platform apps look not-quite-right on all platforms. I don’t see that changing.

  2. Yes, I hope so too. That would lead to the switch control finally being introduced for desktop projects. This has existed under Linux for some time and macOS also offers it since 10.15 (NSSwitch – older macOS versions would have to be cut here, though).

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