Feels good

Took a few minutes last night and helped out another member of the Xojo world.

Seemed like he was a bit stuck and what I pointed out got them back on track.

And then I got several messages :

Norman, you are a FUCKING treasure to this community.

Nobody tries to help as much as you do.

Nobody I’ve ever worked with.

I wont name names but it IS nice to get feedback like this 😛

One Reply to “Feels good”

  1. Its true (while the person being referred to here wasn’t me). At times I feel the same. Personally I think one of Xojo’s biggest mistakes was to part ways with Norman. But then he is knowledgeable, and open, both qualities that Xojo as a company are not.

    And while he may not always have a direct solution, he is quite adept at helping move the compass in a direction that can lead to the answer

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